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Policies & Guidelines

  1. Absence from class – Our classes run weekly (Sat 10am – 12noon) during school terms. If you miss class two sessions in a row without prior notification, you will end up giving your seat to another kid/parent on the list. We have a waiting list and are keen for families who are committed to be allocated a seat. Missing class regularly might also be a reason why you might be requested to reconsider your intention to continue with the program.
  2. You are part of the team – CoderDojo Footscray requires that parents work with their kids through the session.
  3. Kids 12 and under CANNOT be left alone and need to be accompanied by parents all the time.
  4. Parents are expected to work with their kids through the session.
  5. Volunteers will be there to support you and your child on your STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) learning journey.
  6. Registrations – Requests for a seat are to be made via the link provided at the “Registration” page. Please drop us a note if you have any questions.
  7. Tracks On Offer – We are always working on updating the curriculum at our Learning Management System (LMS).
  8. We encourage parents to head over to the link provided below to understand the various coding/making tracks on offer at CoderDojo Footscray.
  9. Please come and chat to us if you have any questions about any of the development/coding tracks on offer. Open to new ideas, suggestions.
  10. A simple way of seeing all the tracks on offer is to visit the LMS at
  11. Please send through any constructive feedback, input you might have.
  12. No pictures/photos to be taken in class – Please note that our child safe policy does not allow for pictures of the kids to be taken in class. If you would like to take a picture of your child working on a particular challenge/task that’s up to you. There will be 1 photo opportunity every term at the end of the term in case you want to take a few group pictures.
  13. Bringing in other relatives, family members, friends into class – Please note that you will need permission from the Club lead if you plan to bring into class any family member, relative who is not the mum or dad of the child. This individual will need to get their WWCC (Working With Childrens Check) sorted, send a copy through to the lead and come into class after getting approval from the club lead. 
  14. Council machines and sorting out internet Access for your own laptops (using library wireless) – The setup provided to us by the council only has 12 machines which the kids can make use of. Those who have machines and are able to bring them in should do so. These machines are available on first come first serve basis.
  15. The council provided machines resets every time you reboot them so you can’t store any data on them for use at the next class. This isn’t much of an issue when using online scratch but will be an issue when you start programming in microbit.
  16. When using your own laptop you will need each of you to sort out your internet access and please make sure you have a machine for each of the kids coming into the class.
  17. Please test your laptop at the council library prior to the session. You are encouraged to come in earlier, test out internet access (which is available for free) and access to scratch/schoology/etc. to confirm that you are able to get that working on your machine.  
  18. Council machines/laptops are available on a first come first serve basis.
  19. Seating limitations – A gentle reminder. As you know the council has confirmed that we will only have access to the following two rooms – IT Room (with laptops in it) and Meeting room 1, 2.
  20. The arrangement will be that kids will be seated first and then the parent (working with the child) can take up any remaining seating available.
  21. Once all the kids are seated parents can occupy the remaining seating. I avoid packing the entire room but there might be a few classes in the term where you might have to adjust and give up your seat to a child.
  22. Respecting others and working quietly – Can I please request that any parents not working with their child and wanting to chat to other parents/or speak on the phoneplease step out of the room and have their conversations outside of the room where rest of the class is not disturbed. Let’s respect others who are focused and working on their projects.  
  23. Working with CoderDojo equipment – If you have are making use of micro:bits, the Kitronik inventors kit, the robots or any other equipment provided by the CoderDojo for use during class please make it a point to pack the equipment and hand it back to a volunteer at the end of class. The equipment should be packed and put away in the same manner it was before you picked it up.
  24. Break it, replace it. No biggie. – We all make mistakes and break things….no biggie. Please own up and let us know what components, electronic boards of parts of the robotic kits have been damaged. We’ll work with you on obtaining a replacement.